17 Sep

Discover the autumn charm of Bologna and surroundings

Autumn is the perfect time to discover the beauty of Bologna and its surrounding areas. As the leaves fall and the temperature drops slightly, the city turns into a cozy oasis of colors, flavors and culture.

Spectacular Colors and Magical Atmosphere

In autumn, Bologna and its surroundings are tinged with warm and earthy shades. The cobbled streets of the old town become even more fascinating under the golden sun, creating a unique spectacle that enchants locals and visitors.

Food and Flavors Autumn

You can’t visit Bologna without tasting the local culinary delicacies. Autumn brings with it a myriad of seasonal ingredients that are reflected in traditional dishes. From tasty first courses to delicious sweet specialties, autumn is a time to delight the palate. A museum that we suggest for this period are the Museo del Castagno e del Borlengo where you can find stories of farmers, culture, magic and traditions of the Apennines. You will discover the typical foods of the local gastronomy, Ciaci, Borlenghi, the famous Tigelle (Crescentine) and many other curiosities about the world of chestnuts, the founding element of ancient cuisine and mountain culture.

Nature and excursions in the area

The hills of Bologna offer breathtaking landscapes and paths perfect for outdoor excursions. Head inland to see forests, valleys and unique views. Autumn offers a magical atmosphere that makes every walk or ride an unforgettable experience. There is a beautiful ride along the Ciclovia del Sole (50 km along the route of the former Bologna-Verona railway from Mirandola to Bologna) or along the Ciclovie dei Parchi, while in the last warm days you can walk the paths of Trekking by train. Extraordinary places not to be missed are the caves and the waterfall of Labante, in Bologna.