11 Jun

Waiting for summer: seaside resorts reachable from Casa Sassolo 1713

Bologna is located inland and always offers, summer included, a rich calendar of outdoor events. However, when the heat of summer begins to arrive, the ideal for those who stay in the city is to get away from the heat by taking at least a trip out to the sea. Fortunately there are several seaside resorts that are easily reachable from the hills of Bologna. We propose some in this article with some information on useful services to reach the places.

Lidi Ferraresi

They are on average 80 kilometres from Bologna and extend along 25 kilometres of coastline between the provinces of Rovigo and Ravenna. The beach is entirely contained within the Po Delta Regional Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The two main beaches are Lido degli Estensi and Lido degli Scacchi, a place suitable for families and also suitable for small children.


Located on the Adriatic coast, about 120 km from Bologna, Rimini is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Italy. It offers long sandy beaches, a lively nightlife and a variety of beach resorts, fully equipped and offering any type of desirable service, lying on 15 kilometers of coastline.


Close to Rimini and counted among the most famous seaside resorts of the Adriatic, Riccione is another popular seaside destination, known for its well-equipped beaches, bars and trendy clubs along the promenade and amusement parks such as Aquafan and Oltremare. Also here the bathing establishments are super equipped with fields for sports activities, kiosks, libraries and any diversion against boredom.


Located north of Rimini, Cervia is a quiet seaside resort famous for its golden sandy beaches. It is also known for its salt pans and charming old town.

Milano Marittima

Also in the area of Ravenna we find Milano Marittima, an elegant and exclusive seaside resort, located near Cervia. Milano Marittima offers well-maintained beaches, luxury hotels, fashion boutiques and a lively nightlife. The wide sandy coastline is four kilometers long; here the beaches are real beach clubs.

Lido di Classe and Lido di Savio

These two seaside resorts are located near Cervia and offer quiet and well maintained beaches, suitable for families and those looking for a relaxing holiday.


On the border with the Marche, Cattolica lies in the gulf that boasts one of the most beautiful bays of the northern Adriatic. The green of the surrounding mountains enriches the colors of the seascape and here the beaches are cared for and not too crowded and provide useful services for both children and families.


The sandy beach with its well-equipped establishments, and the hinterland, with its two large parks, are just some of the distinctive features of Cesenatico, 90 kilometers from Bologna. This town is ideal for families with children and for those looking for services in beaches and quality accommodation facilities The town also offers a picturesque old town that, with its characteristic squares and typical seafood restaurants, remains one of those places where the tradition of the old fishing village still lives.

Trenitalia and “Romagna Line”

Every day 24 regional trains of Trenitalia connect the capital of Emilia with the towns of the Adriatic coast between Ravenna and Rimini. The name of the service is “Romagna Line” and allows a green trip, without the stress of driving and searching for parking. Twelve departures from Bologna, between 8.06 and 21.12 and twelve returns from Rimini, between 5.25 and 20.43, to meet the needs of both those who choose to move in the day or weekend, both those who have decided for a longer period of relaxation.

These are just some of the options available near Bologna. All of these locations are easily accessible by car or public transport, such as trains or buses. Remember to check the most current travel information and timetables before planning your visit!